Monday, August 31, 2009

A Sinking Ship - the Obama Administration

The Obama administration is a sinking ship, they have hit the iceberg, and they are quickly becoming a lameduck administration. While attempting to force government run health care down our throats, politicize the CIA, and pander to terrorists overseas, the polling numbers and trust among the American voters has decreased to record lows.

As for today, the Rasmussen Reports daily approval poll has Obama at 46% approval, while 53% of the National disapproves of his job performance. Remember, 53% voted for Obama last November, and 47% combined voted for John McCain or third party candidates. Now keep in mind that Rasmussen uses a different model of sampling than other pollsters, but their model targets likely voters, instead of random adults.

This means their sample includes more Americans who are likely to enter the ballot box.

What does this mean for Obama? It means that the American public is no longer feeling all hopey-changey over his socialistic plans; they want bedrock Conservatism, and that is something Obama cannot offer. If Obama continues to push this health care legislation, among other big government plans, he might as well start planning his post-Presidential life.

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