Thursday, August 27, 2009


John Ziegler is the founder and writer for How Obama Got Elected, a site which attempts to dissect American attitudes towards the 2008 elections and how someone of the political naivete like Senator Barack Obama could become President. One of his YouTube videos was featured on our blog recently. This interview is number sixteen in our series, which includes Troy Senik, a former Bush speechwriter.

1. The outcry against the President's health care plan has met the White House with surprise. Did they believe that middle America accepted President Obama's agenda?
Most Americans bought into the media lie that Obama wasn't really all that liberal or partisan. Many other others just weren't paying much attention.

2. How large of a role did age of voters play in the 2008 election?
Not much. Young voters didn't really come out in much larger numbers than most years and older voters didn't vote for McCain in the numbers you might have expected/hoped for.

3. Do you believe that the Republicans will find a single person who could become their figurative leader before the 2010 elections?

Not sure that really matters for 2010, obviously it is more important for 2012. Right now it doesn't look good, but things are always very different three years from where you currently are.

4. Did you find that the McCain voters were, by and large, better informed than the Obama voters?

Yes, my two polls that I paid for and posted at proved that without any doubt.

5. What has been the most satisfying part of running your site?

Hearing people who were really moved by the film or who got a real laugh at the Obama voter video.
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