Monday, August 24, 2009

The stealth fairness doctrine, coming to a station near you.

I have previously warned against the upcoming dangers to the first amendment, the return of fairness doctrine, which would pretty much stifle the Conservative point of view and the Constitution itself. Luckily, we all know that the fairness doctrine of old is 100% dead. They would never be able to pass such legislation, with the thousands of talk show hosts, tens of millions of listeners, not to mention an American public who values freedom of speech much more then "fairness".

As we have learned within the past few weeks, the F.C.C & Liberal nutroots have two different plans in action, with the same result - kicking any Conservative who has a talk show off of the air. If I did not know what political profiling is, I would know after reading the following.

The F.C.C has a new "diversity officer", in fact this is a newly created position, so lets dub him the "radio czar". He wants to place a tax on all Conservative radio stations, to fund liberal public stations. The tax is not only signaling out one group or another, the tax is not only attempting to deprive the free market & Americans of liberty, it is also attempting to snuff out 40% of America. As 40% of Americans are Conservative, and to the liberal elites, their opinion means nothing.

The "Color of Change" a radical black liberal organization, which is highly associated with Van Jones (the Obama "green jobs czar"), has launched a boycott against Glenn Beck's advertisers because Beck said that Obama is racist, not to mention Beck has also exposed Van Jones being in the Obama administration as well. They claim to have 33 advertisers leaving the Glenn Beck program, and liberals keep threatening the news organization even more. A website defending Glenn Beck has also arisen, .

We are in dangerous times when it comes to our most precious of freedoms in the United States Constitution, as landmark first amendment & second amendment cases are set to be heard by the Supreme Court. As the left continues their attack on freedom of speech in talk radio, and attempt to destroy opinion by launching idiotic boycotts.

I watched the Conservative documentary, "Indoctrinate U" the other night, it documents the absolute hatred of Conservatism in the college classroom, as the classroom revolution which use to encourage the market of ideas & opinions, has been heavily lobsided with one ideology, and those that dare speak out, have hell to pay. This reminds me of the fairness doctrine, where the professors/liberal lawmakers, believe in a free market of liberal ideas, however they want to ban,tax, or eliminate any other ideas that do not fit into their world view.

We have to keep fighting the good fight, as the boycotts will continue, the rumblings of destruction of talk radio, the thoughts of destroying the first amendment rights to freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. The Constitution itself, is at stake.

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