Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I no longer read the World Net Daily.

The Internet website, World Net Daily, I use to visit on a regular basis, as the opinion was good, and a good majority of the articles we're based on factual information. However, the website has become a pandering launchpoint for conspiracy theories, especially the idiotic theory that Obama is not an Citizen, and how some idiot was attempting to sell his "Kenyan" birth certificate on eBay.......

Not kidding, the headline story is "So what about that eBay 'Kenyan' birth certificate", you have just lost me World Net Daily. Like the websites motto is "A Free Press for a Free People", they have every right to publish what they publish, however I have every right not to read the theories that they publish on that website.

So what about all of those viewers we are losing? I hope that is the latest headline tomorrow morning, and why more viewers are coming to Jumping in Pools. Where we say no to theory, yes to factual information, and encourage informative opinion & debate.

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Editor said...


This is an excellent point. I used to look at WND, but other than that article they did on our military oath article, they've lost their minds.

Anonymous said...

Apparently you missed the piece by Jerome Corsi on WND which, point by point, totally debunked the Kenyan birth certificate.