Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Senator Giuliani?

Author's note : This is in response to Matthew Avitabile's blogpost last night, which examined the possibility of Rudy Giuliani for Senator, instead of Governor.

Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is like a kid in a candy shop. As he has the opportunity to run for several different elections, and win in several different elections as well. Perhaps the last Republican for a long time to come, to even claim that.

Giuliani has been touted as the highest ranking Republican who can run for Governor & win in 2010, as Giuliani has an excellent track record as Mayor of New York City, as he turned the City around, using Conservative principles such as being tough on crime, believing in Fiscal Conservatism, and his brilliant response to the 9/11 attacks will forever seal his legacy.

On the other hand, we have Governor David Paterson, a corrupt former state Senator from down state, who was pushed into office when the disgraceful Elliot Spitzer resigned over a year ago. Paterson has pushed through a horrible budget with increased taxation on all New Yorkers, a fiasco which was the United States Senate appointment, and he illegally appointed a Lt. Governor (thank goodness, the NY Supreme Court ruled it against the Constitution). All of the above reasons, is why Paterson is trailing Giuliani by an average of 20 points per poll. And why, a majority of New Yorker's now favor a Constitutional Convention within the state.

Giuliani has the chance to be elected as Governor, however, will he take a risk? That risk is the possibility of facing Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, when at first the polls showed Cuomo with a good size lead over Giuliani, however his lead has shrunk to just 5 percentage points, according to a Seina poll released in late July.

Now as for Giuliani running against Gillibrand in the New York United States Senate election net year, we really have no polling data as to how Giuliani could fare against Gillibrand, however former Governor Pataki has a good shot at defeating Gillibrand himself. So that leaves open that possibility of Giuliani giving that election some consideration as well, because Gillibrand has pissed off both the liberal elites in New York City, and Conservative folks in Upstate New York.

However, I see the best choice as Giuliani running for Governor of New York state, as this state is in desperate need of reform, fiscal Conservatism, and someone who will put his foot down. So, as for me, give me Governor Giuliani, or give the Republicans defeat in 2010 (Note - whomever the Republican is, I will be campaigning very hard for their victory, we need conservatism in this state again). I select Giuliani as Governor, however will he run for Governor or Senator?

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1 comment:

Editor said...

You make some good points, but I do not believe that Pataki would win the Senate race. He's considered by many to be already spent.