Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy has died.

Senator Ted Kennedy has died, while he is one of the most hated liberals in the United States Senate, may he Rest In Peace. I believe he was one of the worst Senators we have ever had in this Nation. He was nothing but a big government liberal, who was never elected based on merits, but because of his family name.

The Kennedy family has not become a political dynasty because of being great statesmen, rather because they have great power. I am just curious as to what Kennedy they are going to have run in the upcoming Massachusetts Senate special election, and who the idiots there will elect because of the "Kennedy name".

Then again, perhaps this is a political goldmine for the Republican party, as special elections tend to gain more attention from Republicans in the first place, perhaps we can steal this seat away with a lot of luck. However, that discussion is a long ways off from now.

Time to get back to work, defeating the horrific government health care legislation which is being pushed in the House of Representatives, and the first Democrat to use Kennedy to attempt to pass this legislation, I hope gets a butt spanking from El Rushbo.

Also, I wish the Kennedy family all of the best.

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