Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Distracting CIA Threatens American Security

President Obama's Justice Department has decided to plot an extremely divisive and polarizing course by opening up an investigation into former Bush officials. But this is not simply a political issue. It is also a very dangerous arrangement vis-a-vis national security.

With the "outrage" pouring in from the Left about purported politicization of terror alerts on behalf of President Bush, where's the current President on this. He's promised not to do things like this and to try and heal old division. Instead, like any politician, he's doing the opposite. Now he's pitching the White House into a war with the CIA.

Keep in mind that the CIA is the main intelligence service keeping us from having anthrax placed in subways or keeping tabs on Russia and Iran. Instead, bureaucrats and many with access to sensitive information are fighting off White House accusations and inquiries instead of tracking down bin Laden. Money that could be spent supplying arms to the people of Darfur so they're not hacked to death may instead be spent on consultants and lawyers.

In other words, our national defense is suffering. It's gotten so bad that the new CIA director, Leon Panetta (who just took office in January) has already threatened to quit over this. And that's just what's happening right now.

But just imagine if this should continue for months or years. That's part of the reason why President Bush kept the same CIA director when he took over. Tenet was able to bring some stability into the situation. With this situation, we are being opened for attack. Our enemies will be able to open up new fronts and new operations.

And you might be asking yourself, how much can this really hurt us? Even if this drains 1% of the CIA's resources or attention, it's a tiny hole that can lead to a large problem. Not to mention the fact that the CIA will resent having someone always over their shoulder.

Obama's an ameteur, and he's sure showing it.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Obamacare's going down the toilet so they need a distraction. Unfortunately it'll ultimately cost American lives in the long run. Good Job scumbags!