Sunday, August 30, 2009

Constitutional convention in New York state.

The wheels are in motion for a Constitutional convention to come to the state of New York, where new amendments would be added to the New York state Constitution, and then left to the voters to decide on them. These possible amendments would include making it hard to raise taxes, term limit those in the legislature, putting caps on state spending & property taxes, recall of state elected officials, redistricting reform, among other things.

A petition has been launched by Assembly Minority leader, Brian Kolb (R,C,I), to garner ground support for the Convention in the state. There is one section of the possible Constitutional convention agenda which I disagree with "Constitutional Convention reform to prohibit future delegates from holding public or political office".

I just do not understand that part of the agenda, many of the Founding Fathers who wrote the United States Constitution, served in political & public office through out the rest of their lives, including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison Jr., William Blount, among several others.

As a whole, I support the legislation without question to form a Constitutional convention, I would also include finally making the right to bear arms not only a federal right for all Americans in New York, but it a state right as well.

Petition of support -

The Schoharie County Young Republicans passed this resolution of framework to help reform New York as well ;

62 Senators - 62 Counties, there should be one Senator for each County, to reflect the States - Senator relation that occurs in the United States Senate.

Reduce number of Assemblymen from 150 to 124, to save money for the state, to rid the state of excess "waste", to be determined by population, to have a non-over balanced Assembly in one party or another, and to give Upstate New Yorker's more balance with the large population of New York City.

Term limits - 3-5 for Legislative branch, 2 for Executive branch, end elections for Judicial branch - appointed by Governor, approved by Senate, life term.

Give Counties more control in decisions, end Legislative approval for all that elected County officials approve of.

Pass Constitutional Amendment to make the right to bear & own arms officially a right in New York state, to be in concurrence with the federal Constitution which gives all Americans the right to bear arms.

Cut taxes for all New Yorkers - low income, high income, businesses, and all in between. As the principle of cutting taxes = higher revenues & freedom is 100% accurate.

That Recall, Referendum, and Initiative shall be put in place for the citizens of New York state."

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