Monday, August 24, 2009

Senator Feingold has officially become an idiot.

I believe when the phrase "When the going gets tough, the tough get going", I believe it was made to describe the wuss machine when it comes to fighting wars. Take a look at Senator Russ Feingold, the infamous little liberal from the state of Wisconsin, he today said the following"After eight years, I am not convinced that pouring more and more troops into Afghanistan is a well thought out policy,".

Obviously Senator Feingold does not understand how a war works; you fight till your enemy is dead, you give your General more troops (just like in Iraq, you were against that as well, and that worked), and you do not surrender, you force surrender on the other side.

If President Bush was still in office, I would feel assured that the mission of revenge, freedom, and destroying the evilest of all evils would continue. I cannot say the same as of August 24th, 2009. Have you seen what Obama has done today? The CIA is now officially no longer the leader in anti-terrorism measures, we can no longer use any necessary force to save American lives, and even the life saving measures of CIA agents in the past, is now being investigated by second guessing liberal nutroots.

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innominatus said...

Glad it is now official. He's been mired in unofficial idiocy for way too long.

Luke said...

How are you so fucking dumb?

Anonymous said...

I usually agree with you, but your reasoning is faulty on this one. Yes, Feingold is an idiot. What I disagree with is your prescription for victory: add more troops and force a surrender.

To force a surrender, you don't necessarily need more troops, you need a strategy. And our government doesn't have one that works.

As a taxpayer, I want wars fought on the cheap - bomb them into submission. Don't risk American lives, don't squander American money, and don't rebuild the damn country when we're done.

Afghanis will hate us, will hate our culture and values, and will join the pan-muslim America-haters when it's all done, even if we sacrifice lives and treasure for them.

The best we can do is make a showcase of what we will do to any country that harbors terrorists who attack the US. We should tell Syria and Iran to pay attention and then we should level the country.

We absolutely cannot win with our current strategy and neither republican nor democrat administrations have the smarts or the guts to do it right.

Anonymous said...

Idiot is the one who wrote this crap and you, the kiss asses who want the war keep on going!
You should be there and get bombed and live the life of those poor people who suffer from all this.
This country is going down, visibly and what you care is killing someone else instead of getting your heads off your asses and face the reality until it's not too late.
Shame on you! You are nothing but a bunch of cowards! And you call yourselves "patriots"...