Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9% of Americans view United States Military unfavorably.

According to a just released Rasmussen Reports poll in regards to the opinion of the American people towards the United States Armed Forces, the results are saddening.

81% of Americans view the Military favorably.
10% of Americans are unsure of their opinion on the Military.
9% of Americans hold a unfavorable opinion of the Military.

When Rasmussen Reports expanded the poll to cover gender, it becomes even more disappointing.

87% of men hold a favorable opinion of the Military.
75% of women hold a favorable opinion of the Military.

While Rasmussen Reports does tell us that more Americans approve of the Military then they have in previous years, the saddening facts remain. 9% of Americans do not approve of the branch of government that has acted on their behalf more then all of the other branches combined. They hold the branch of government which has fought for their freedoms, stood fast against evil regimes, and is the only barrier standing between radical Islamic terrorists and the United States of America, and 300 million Innocent human beings, in utter contempt.

Ain't that America? 9% of the population doesn't appreciate the sacrifice of millions of soldiers, while they take the freedoms secured by those soldiers....for granted.


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Harrison said...

If you look hard enough you can find 9% of the population that doesn't like or does like something. I feel sorry for those people that they can't appreciate what our military does for us but is that news?

Mr. K said...

While we could argue over whether or not this is news, I believe it to be important. 9% of Americans do not appreciate our Military, those 9% hold votes which are guaranteed because of our Military for goodness sakes.

It's like saying the 2% who believe we should help Iran if Israel we're to attack is not important. This is America, there are some things Americans should all respect...

UNRR said...

This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 11/12/2009, at The Unreligious Right