Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bloggers bloc 2.0.

On the eve of the 2009 elections, I suffered a rare occurrence of bloggers bloc. While, I was able to recover with election day nearing, post-election commentary, following the health care situation in the House of Representatives, trashing Libertarian nutball Rand Paul, and exposing the supposed "Blue dog" scum who voted for Pelosicare, I have once again fallen to bloggers bloc.

For a blogger, this is like running out of bullets in the middle of duel, a duel with thousands of other right of center bloggers who are attempting to become the greatest blog of all time, and attempting to steal our traffic for reasons I cannot write.

While it has been suggested that I should troll the Huffington Post for some idiotic liberal article to expose, then expose the idiots for their moronic thoughts with Conservative truth and historical facts, and then I will be praised and lauded by all of the Conservative blogosphere....well.....I'm not one to listen to other opinions on what I should do, or to kiss ass of others.

For now, bloggers blog 2.0 has set in, I would advise all readers to visit www.michellemalkin.com while I am sitting in a dark room attempting to get my groove back, to send R.S. McCain witty comments about how my writing is better then is, r.s.mccain@att.net , and please post uplifting comments to encourage me to go into deeper thought to discover the next great article...

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1 comment:

Matthew Avitabile said...

Don't worry. Maybe Obama will do something so dumb to make us all scream with our keyboards.