Monday, November 2, 2009

Hoffman Leads; His Base is the Strongest

Doug Hoffman (C) - 41%.
Bill Owens (D) - 36%.
"Dede" Scozzafava - 6%.
Undecided - 18%.

Which candidate receives the most support from their base?

96% of Hoffman supporters will without a doubt vote for him - 3% could change their minds.
96% of Owen supporters will without a doubt vote for him - 5% could change their minds.
86% of Scozzafava supporters will without a doubt vote for her, even though she is no longer running for Congress.

Doug Hoffman is rated as favorable by 47% of all voters polled. Vice-President Joe Biden can only manage a 41% favorable rating with the voters in the 23rd congressional district, and Biden's unfavorable numbers are also worse then Hoffman's.

43% of all voters 18-34 support Doug Hoffman's campaign, and 70% of all Conservatives support the Hoffman campaign as well.

Doug Hoffman is the only candidate with 40% + support on the eve of the congressional election. Doug Hoffman's base is energized behind their candidate, more so then those who still cling to Scozzafava's campaign. Doug Hoffman is the candidate of who the voters have a high opinion of, even more so then Vice-President Biden, who attracted more cockroaches to his speech this afternoon in Watertown then people.

As for those who claim Conservatism is dead among younger Americans, then how come 43% of all voters in the 23rd congressional district who are aged 18-34 support Doug Hoffman, the most Conservative candidate in the election.

Tomorrow, history will be made. All I can do is watch, if you live in the 23rd congressional district, it is your obligation to vote for the best candidate, and that candidate would be Doug Hoffman, a man of principle, a man of Conservatism.

Siena Research Institute poll -

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