Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let us not forget about National defense in upcoming elections.

With the 2010 congressional elections bearing down on us, numerous issues will be in the middle of dozens of congressional campaigns, including health care, the economy, energy, among other important issues which face the United States today. While economic related issues will be the center of attention, we cannot forget about National defense related issues either.

It might seem appealing to support the most Capitalistic Republican candidate for Congress next year, however, we need to make sure we support the most Capitalistic candidates, who also believe in National defense.

What do I mean by the above statement?

Simple. We cannot go with a Republican candidate who is awesome on economic issues, but is negligent on national defense issues. This is a time where isolationist Libertarians might attempt to claim the Republican party as their own, this is something we must fight against. We cannot elect any fiscal Conservative Republican for the hell of it, we need to make sure our candidates are just as strong on national defense issues.

We have an Administration which has stalled on backing troop requests for near three months, who has slandered the United States across the globe, that has appeased radicals who want us dead, wants to allow terrorists who our enemies of this Nation into this Nation, and has strained ties with our greatest ally, Israel.

We need pro-national defense Republicans in Congress, who believe in defending our Nation, fighting evil, doing anything to protect our fellow citizens from harm, standing with a strong fist against evil, standing firm with our allies, and remaining a superpower dedicated to freedom, not like Obama who has appeased anti-freedom movements in both Iran and Honduras.

We cannot allow Libertarians such as Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and other anti-national defense Republicans to have control in our party let alone represent us in Congress, we need fiscal conservative, pro-national defense Representatives and Senators. National defense is crucial to this Nation, and we cannot allow the party of national defense, to be taken over by those who dismiss it.

Let the Conservative Republican revolution begin!

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