Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr.Obama, I have a plan in regards to Afghanistan.

President Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm, mmmm, mmmm) has decided against all of the current plans on the table, leaving our soldiers without reinforcements, and delaying necessary action for how long? Obama is not a real Commander in Chief, that is the first cold hard truth Americans must accept, Americans must also understand this war represents more then securing the freedom of Afghanistan, it represents a fight between good and evil, and the evil enemy needs to be defeated.

With all of the above in mind, I would like to suggest another plan for Mr.Obama to consider in regards to Afghanistan, that is if he ever puts aside more then twenty minutes to actually consider the war in Afghanistan, instead of proceeding with the destruction of the American health care system, appeasing radical terrorists, targeting Republican employees of the federal government, etc. etc. etc.

The plan for action in Afghanistan.

Mr.Obama, the official plan for action being presented from Conservative Republicans across the Nation is rather simple, follow the recommendations of General McChrystal, surge into Afghanistan with 40,000 additional troops, and send the evil forces which reside in Afghanistan in a path which results in complete oblivion.

I could write a full 10 page report, full of quotations and suggestions from various Generals and foreign policy experts, however, General McChrystal, the General you hand picked, already has a report advocating what Conservatives have wanted for years. It is about high time, you listen to those who have experience, we can no longer afford on the job training in regards to war.

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innominatus said...

Yep. Not that hard to figure out. But standing around doing nothing while everything goes to heck - how is that any different than Bush's pre-Surge "Stay the Course!" strategy. Obama is doing the exact same things the left screamed about when Bush was doing it.

Editor said...

There is a difference.

Bush - did the right thing, won the war in Iraq......

Obama - knows what has worked, however, he continues to stall.

mdeals said...

President Obama really (mmmmmm mmmmm)

Again he delay the decision on Afghanistan..