Sunday, November 1, 2009

No. We do not want to drink the blood of Moderate Republicans.

According to those in the Main Stream Media, the Democratic party, the Liberal blogosphere, and even some Republicans, all Conservatives within the Republican party hate Moderates, we want 100% ideological purity, and that we want to drink the blood of Moderate Republicans.

House Minority Leader, John Boehner, was on CNN this morning, and commented that the Republican party wants Moderate Republicans in the party, however, the 23rd congressional district in New York was a unique situation. I happen to agree with Mr.Boehner on this one, however, we need to find the distinction between Moderate Republicans and Liberal Republicans.

Moderate Republicans

Who is the Moderate Republican? They consist of those who hold a mixture of Conservative and Liberal political beliefs, such as Congressman Cao who is a strong pro-life Representative, however, on economic issues, he tends to lean liberal. Or those like the boss (Matthew Avitabile, the owner of this joint), who is pro-homosexual marriage, however, he is a tax cutting Capitalist on economic policy.

Congressman Cao - Louisiana's 2nd congressional district.
Congressman Castle - Delaware's at-large congressional district, and GOP candidate for Senate.
Rob Simmons - Republican candidate for United States Senate in Connecticut.
Congressman Peter King - New York's 3rd congressional district.
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - United States Senator from Texas.
Senator John McCain - United States Senator from Arizona.

Liberal Republicans

What is the Liberal Republican? While we have little information as to how a Liberal Republican forms his intellectual thought process on politics, we do know how they believe. A Liberal Republican is not a Moderate by any means, a Liberal Republican holds 50% + 1 political leanings which go against the core principles of the Republican party and the Conservative movement. Such as holding National Security as your only Conservative talking point in elections.

Senator Olympia Snowe - United States Senator from Maine.
Former Senator Lincoln Chaffee - former United States Senator from Rhode Island, has left the party and endorsed Obama during last years election.
Assemblywoman "Dede" Scozzafava - former candidate for United States House of Representatives, who has endorsed the Democrat candidate in the special election she has dropped out of.
Senator Arlen Specter - United States Senator from Pennsylvania, left the GOP earlier this year to join the Democrats, and has been a pawn of the liberal Democrat movement ever since.


Moderate Republicans hold mostly Conservative principles and Republican values, while Liberal Republicans hold Liberal principles over 50 per cent of the time, endorse candidates from the opposite party who are even more Liberal then they are, and eventually leave their "supposed" political party then bitch & moan about how they have been taken over by "extremists".

Conservatives, Conservative Republicans, Conservative Independents, and even some Libertarians do not hate Moderate Republicans, we cannot stand Liberal Republicans who seem to constantly work against the goals of the party, the principles of the Conservative movement, and even against the foundations of this Nation.

Also, for the next time you hear someone claim "Dede" Scozzafava is a Moderate Republican, let us remember that she is a Liberal Republican, and to be frank, she is not a Republican at all. Not even a Republican In Name Only, she is a Democrat in a Republican suit.

Also, we do not want to drink the blood of either Moderate or Liberal Republicans. Devour? Different circumstances all together.

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