Saturday, November 21, 2009

Redstate Democrats who Voted to Open Debate on Reidcare

The Senate has voted to open debate their version of government run health care this evening, 60-39, Senator Voinovich (R-Ohio) for some unknown reason was not present, I hope nothing has happened to him. I have gone through the elected Senators, and listed are all of the Democrats who voted for government run health care from states which supported John McCain during last year's Presidential election.

Alaska - Mark Begich.
Arkansas - Blanche Lincoln.
Arkansas - Mark Pryor.
Louisiana - Mary Landrieu.
Missouri - Claire McCaskill.
Montana - Max Baucus.
Montana - Jon Tester.
Nebraska - Ben Nelson.
North Dakota - Kent Conrad.
North Dakota - Byron Dorgan.
South Dakota - Tim Johnson.
West Virginia - Robert Byrd.
West Virginia - Jay Rockefeller.

13 Senators from Republican states voted for government run health care, it is time these worthless pigs are kicked the hell out! It is time our Republican states are represented by Republican Senators! Goodness!

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Politics junkie said...

Unfortunately, only Dorgan and Lincoln are up for reelection next year.

MarkJ said...

Political junkie,

Want to know why the Donks are so frantic about ramming through ObamaCare as soon as possible?

Take a look at the ages (as of 2009) of the Democrats on the who aren't up for reelection next year:

Alaska - Mark Begich - 47
Arkansas - Mark Pryor - 46
Louisiana - Mary Landrieu - 54
Missouri - Claire McCaskill - 56
Montana - Max Baucus - 68
Montana - Jon Tester - 53
Nebraska - Ben Nelson - 68
North Dakota - Kent Conrad - 61
South Dakota - Tim Johnson - 63
West Virginia - Robert Byrd - 92
West Virginia - Jay Rockefeller - 72

I'll give you three guesses about who is "Most Likely Not To Celebrate Christmas 2010"....and two of them don't count.

The biggest political of the Donks isn't the GOP. Nope, it's the Grim Reaper.

Jake Peachey said...

Re: red state senators

I'm not sure what the legal and constitutional ramifications are relating to recall elections. There is little doubt that circulating a petition for recall would quickly get sufficient signatures. The idea would not be to immediately implement the recall, but put the Senators on notice, very clearly, that there are underlying issues beyond healthcare.

America was founded with the idea that the people take care of the government, not government taking care of people and politicians are public servants of their constituency first and foremost ----- not to the political party.

And then the issue of federalism. Only specific enumerated powers are given to the federal government with the remainder retained by the states. All 50 states have the perfect right and liberty to develop their own social welfare economy to the full extent they wish to --- but do not have the right to push this upon states that are strongly opposed. That is a function of federalism.

If these red state senators do not acknowledge and address these concerns satisfactorily, that would be sufficient grounds for immediate implementation of recall.

happyfeet said...

yes. In my heart I hope and hope that nothing has happened to the Voinovich one. Cause that would be awful, if it did. He's been such a gift.

Siduri said...

Virginia - Warner and Webb

Leon said...

I would venture that Bayh, Warner and Webb

along w/ these clowns need to be the target for the next month. We need to make these guys famous.

And not in a good way.

The internet needs to be alive w/ directed anger.