Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scozzafava the Spoiler who Screwed Republicans

Bill Owens (D) - 63,496 - 49%.
Doug Hoffman (C) - 58,161 - 45%.
"Dede" Scozzafava (R) - 7,137 - 6%.

Had the Republicans selected a Conservative Republican candidate in the first place, the 65,250 residents who voted for Hoffman or Scozzafava would have supported one candidate, instead of those 7,000 voters who still supported Scozzafava even though she dropped out of the election. This cost Republicans a vital seat in the House of Representatives.

Had the NRCC and the Republican National Committee spent $900,000.00 dollars for Hoffman's campaign instead of against his campaign, perhaps Hoffman could have been able to produce a higher turnout amongst Republicans and Independents.

Had even half of the 160,000 residents who are Republicans in the 23rd congressional district come out for Hoffman's campaign, we would be celebrating in regards to this congressional election. Instead Republicans trashed Hoffman for weeks, which probably discouraged potential Hoffman voters on election day.

Assemblywoman Scozzafava has screwed the Republicans once more, as the Democrats now have a seat in their control which Republicans have retained since the damn CIVIL WAR! Doug Hoffman appears to be preparing for a 2010 congressional bid against Owens, as a Conservative and as a Republican, the question is, will Republicans on the national level finally support the true Republican?

Please visit and send a message of support to Hoffman.

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