Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scozzafava steals 5,565 votes from Doug Hoffman's campaign.

According to updated results from New York's 23rd congressional district, the election is closer then we previously thought, and there is an outside chance Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman could claim victory when all of the absentees are in and counted.

Bill Owens - 66,698 votes.
Doug Hoffman - 63,672 votes.
Dede Scozzafava - 6,485 votes (5,565 votes received on the Republican line, votes Hoffman probably would have gotten if the Republican leaders in the 23rd congressional district supported Hoffman instead of Scozzafava when they still had the time in mid-September).

With 10,000 absentees requested, there is still a slight chance Doug Hoffman could win this election, however, Scozzafava is to blame for this loss, as 5,565 voters supported her campaign, leading to the election of a radical leftist Democrat to Congress, who she supported after leaving the campaign.

Also, we now have full county by county results for the election, and according to the results Doug Hoffman was able to win the battle of the counties.

Counties that supported Doug Hoffman (7)

Fulton County.
Hamilton County.
Jefferson County.
Lewis County.
Madison County.
Oneida County.
Oswego County.

Counties that supported Bill Owens (4)

Clinton County.
Essex County.
Franklin County.
St.Lawrence County.

Doug Hoffman won numerous battles, however, it appears the war is lost in regards to election day 2009, but.....there are rumors a new war will be waged, to reclaim the Conservative Republican soul of the 23rd congressional district in 2010, may God be with Mr.Hoffman if he decides to run again.

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1 comment:

Matthew Avitabile said...

How the hell did Franklin vote for Owens-- oh wait, all of the prisons and welfare leeches