Monday, November 9, 2009

Trey Grayson Telephone Town Hall review.

Poll questions for the audience, 13 questions for the candidate, and a world of knowledge about Republican candidate, Trey Grayson, who is attempting to become the Republican nominee in the general election, and the next Senator elected from the great state of Kentucky.

Poll questions

Do you support or oppose Democrat plans which include the government option - 96% oppose, 4% support.

Do you support or oppose Tort reform - 90% support, 10% oppose.

Audience questions for Grayson

Second amendment question - Mr.Grayson is a "strong supporter" of the second amendment, "lifelong member of the National Rifle Association", and supports the Thune amendment to allow carry permit holders to carry guns across state lines.

Health care question - Mr.Grayson supports health care reform, good health care reform. He supports insurance companies competing across state lines, and the describes the legislation which has passed the House of Representatives and various Committees as "terrible", and we need to "kill the thing".

Pro-life question - Mr.Grayson is 100% pro-life, has been involved in local pro-life organizations, wants to join the pro-life caucus if elected to Congress, and opposes government funding of abortions.

Veteran issues - Mr.Grayson is 100% a strong advocate for the troops, he supports such Veteran issues as Veteran health care, and has worked to help Veterans vote from overseas in various measures as Secretary of State in Kentucky.

Health care question - Mr.Grayson believes it should be required for all members of Congress to be included in the bill, opposes the "law for you, but not for me" mentality, and will join the government option if it passes, just to make a point.

Coal question - Mr.Grayson 100% supports coal energy, opposes Democrat attempts "to declare war on coal, which is in a way declaring war on Kentucky", opposes "cap & trade", supports an "all of the above" approach to energy, and wants to join the Energy Committee if elected, a committee where Senator Bunning currently sits.

Jobs & fiscal responsibility - Grayson believes we should stop passing big government legislation, he supports a balanced budget amendment, "deficits are to high", and "programs like cash for clunkers does not help".

Health care question - Grayson believes the Republican plans are more "logical" compared to Democratic plans, that we need to lower costs and empower consumers, along with keeping up the good fight for Republican legislation in regards to health care.

Smaller government related question - Grayson is a "Reagan Republican", will vote like Senator Bunning, who has a fabulous record on such issues.

Abortion question - Grayson suppots overturning Roe v. Wade, outlawing abortion across the United States of America, and supports an Amendment to the United States Constitution if necessary in regards to abortion. Grayson also opposed the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court, and he was the first Republican candidate to do so.

Second amendment question - Grayson is once again a proud supporter of the second amendment, proud of the National Rifle Association endorsement he received during his last election in 2007, opposes a federal database of gunowners, and believes "folks in the North East don't understand the second amendment".

Card check & earmarks question - Grayson opposes card check, pleased it could fail Congress, and said "card check is un-American". Grayson believes we need to "reign in earmarks", and increase transparency in regards to who requests earmarks, and how the money is spent.

Health care question - Grayson will push legislation that will control costs in health care, increase consumer choice via insurance plans going across state lines, that Tort reform is needed, and if elected, will support good laws, and will work to repeal bad laws.

Campaign for the Republican nomination is based on principles of freedom and responsibility. Visit for more information on his campaign.


Conservatives, Republicans, Capitalists, Americans, and those who oppose big government, Trey Grayson is the real candidate for the Republican nomination, he needs our support in his bid to become the next Conservative legislator from the great state of Kentucky, something I guarantee he will be if elected to the United States senate.

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kerja keras adalah energi kita said...

just wanna say i'm support democrat,..

kerja keras adalah energi kita said...

Support democrate and Go!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good what Grayson had to say there.
Too bad it took him until after he was behind in the polls to strongly articulate these positions.

Taking into account that he was once a Clinton Democrat and changed his party when it was politically expedient to do so, that reeks too much of "say anything to get elected"-talk rather than genuine convictions (especially contrasted to his much less conservative SoS campaigns).

I guess I´ll stick with the candidate who remained true to his constitutionally conservative views his entire life instead of falling for Trey "Turncoat" Grayson.

what is a real promise to the people? said...

Sounds Like Mr. Grayson needs to do a little research since the Supreme Court case that set the standard for abortions is now Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which has set up to eradicate the holding of Wade over time as the viability of fetuses is getting closer to conception as medical technology gets better, Wade was not overturned but sent on a gradual path to destruction, furthermore only the supreme court can overturn it's own decision not a potential Jr. Senator.