Sunday, July 5, 2009

Booyah! W. Cheered at July 4th Rallies

It brings a smile to this American's heart to see that former President George W. Bush received massive applause during July 4th celebrations. In addition, he said something very poignant:

"Patriotism comes in all different kinds of forms," he said. "Freedom is beautiful, freedom is precious, freedom must always be defended."

Pretty good for a guy that many said was "too dumb" to be President.

I have this funny feeling that over the next several years, Bush will get more and more appreciation. By 2012, there might even be some that is open in public. Bush was and is a stand-up guy and when the world needed American leadership, he was there. Good for him and good for the people of Oklahoma.

And of course, after the event Bush stayed around to sign autographs and shake hands. He is one of the most decent people we've ever had in the White House.

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princetrumpet said...

Thank you for that post. It was well-timed after the recent pummelings that have occurred in a variety of circumstances.

Don Meaker said...

The usual suspects aways claim that Republicans are dumb so they don't have to address the arguments. How does anyone claim with a straight face that a graduate of Yale and Harvard is dumb?

You lie- crooked words with a straight face.