Friday, August 7, 2009

An August of Frustration

The August legislative recess is expected to be explosive for American citizens, and the representatives whom they have hired. It might be time for some pink slips to be placed in the mailboxes of various members of Congress.

The Democrats have presented various health care bills, the American electorate has flatly rejected the proposals, regardless of what poll you rely on. Americans know more then their elected officials about these bills, and anger & frustration is on the rise. A sleeping, silent, and long undisturbed giant that is the American public, has risen across the Nation, proclaiming to be silent no longer, as they attend town hall meetings, write their Representatives, and yes, protest.

Some in liberal & Democratic circles have dismissed the American people, have dismissed their frustration, and instead attempted to claim that the American people are nazi sympathizers, when in reality, recent tactics from the White House, is more in tune with the evils of old Germany. The Democratic National Committee has released several idiotic propaganda pieces against the American people, attempting to marginalize the people they claim to represent, spitting on the American people, and the freedoms of the first amendment.

Democrats also claim that the Republicans in Congress have failed to offer their on solutions & ideas in regards to health care, when the facts are, the Republican party has attempted to put in place Capitalist based reforms numerous times over the past several years, the Democrats would always oppose it. Democrats have also attempted to smear the Republican party, as the "party of no", well if that means saying "no" to bad economic policy, big government, anti-Capitalism drivel, and the destruction of the greatest health care system in the world. So be it.

The August legislative recess is expected to be a month of hell for Congressmen, its about time they finally felt real pain during the recession they helped to create.

What can the simple American do?

1.Write, call, or email your congressional representative & United States Senators with your concerns, they work for us, we have the resources of the greatest comment box in the Nation - the American comment box, and the American voters box.

2.Attend a town hall meeting, or if none is scheduled, petition your congressmen to hold a town hall meeting.

3.Protest, no details needed, just protest.

We must bring hell upon our Representatives, or else hell will be brought upon us by our representatives.

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