Monday, August 10, 2009

Expelled : No Conservatism allowed.

Economist, political Conservative, pro-life advocate, intelligence design champion, speech writer for Richard Nixon, and all around good guy, Ben Stein has become the latest victim of the liberalization of the Main Stream Media, in this case, the New York Times.

Stein is known for his witty humorless commercials, for being that spunky economic teacher rambling "Bueller, Bueller", and for being a pointed Conservative on a good number of issues, especially when it comes to his love of the Troops, as he describes are the real heroes in America. He was invited to write for the New York Times several years ago, he accepcted, however he has faced more backlash from liberal readers as of late.

It all started when he released his pro-creationism documentary Expelled : No Intelligence allowed (Yes, I borrowed the title of his documentary, for this article), according to Stein through an article on the American Spectator, the New York Times "science writer" lambasted the documentary, while never calling Stein what he is "a columnist", he was also attacked by the Times movie reviewer.

Stein then attacked the Obama administration on economic policy, even one column by Stein was flat-out rejected by the New York Times, that should have been a sign of things to come, however they fired him because of the most of all idiotic reasons.

Stein has been a spokesmen for the Internet company, "Freescore", which allows you to check your credit ratings for free, and then pay for other services. Letters filled the Times accusing Stein of being in conflict of interest because he was a spokesmen for "Freescore", why? Because Freescore deals with finances, and Stein writes about finances......

How about we call a dime a dime, and a nickel a nickel. Ben Stein was fired from the New York Times because he is a Conservative who dare go against the liberal President, and the liberal media establishment.

Lets face it. Besides for fake-Conservatives such as David Brooks at the New York Times, the New York Times only has one reason to discuss or even have the word Conservatism or Conservatives anywhere near their printing presses, to bash it, to deny it, to misrepresent it.

The New York Times has lost a great Conservative columnist, Ben Stein has gained another reason for a Conservative publication to hire him, he is to Conservative for the Times, he is just perfect for Conservatives.

Expelled from the New York Times, by Ben Stein -

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WomanHonorThyself said...

no free speech for conservatives ..end of story...great piece!

Joe C. said...

My favorite conservative, Ross Douthat, writes for the Times.