Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was waiting for a Wall Street Journal show to start on FoxNews, and Geraldo was on. I cannot stand that man, because he is a death watcher (he always appears when someone is dying, or is dead, as Rush Limbaugh jokes about), and a liberal who panders the most idiotic ideas.

Anyhow, some guy was on the television show, and he commented about how the Taliban should be involved in the Afghanistan government. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? We have been fighting a damn war for 8 years to kill these idiots, kick them out of the Afghanistan & Iraqi governments, and restore freedom.

Your suggestion is to invite the enemy into the new government!? Why? So they can take over Afghanistan again? What in the hell is wrong with you.

These people are terrorists, murderers, and need to be treated like such, we are at a war with these terrorists, do you not remember September eleventh? Have you not seen the progress in Iraq & Afghanistan, we are still a long ways off, however have you seen the progress? Why would you destroy all of that!

We need more troops in Afghanistan, we need to backup Iraqi authorities in the cities, as they are still not ready. We left to soon, Iraqi commanders wanted us there for six more months, we need to return back to the cities, now. We nearly have these wars in the victory column, however I am not even sure the Commander in Chief of the United States wants that, why else would you release hundreds of terrorists into the general public in Iraq?

We need to hunt down and kill every terrorist scum across the world, anyone associated with the terrorists who launched war against the United States, needs to die. Enough appeasement, can we finally fight this war, like a war.

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