Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grayson leads in Kentucky.

As many know, Senator Bunning, the greatest baseball player to ever serve in an elected office, and a damn fine Conservative Senator, is retiring after two terms in the United States Senate, after polling data showed he was not doing well in probable Primary & General election elections.

This has led to two main candidates seeking the Republican nomination in Kentucky, including Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, and Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul. While I have little background as to what Grayson believes, Paul is pretty much a virtual copy of his father, and is horrible on National Security issues, enough to lose me instantly.

We now have polling data for the Kentucky Senate election, and the Republican Primary, please do note the election is over 14 months away, so anything could happen between then and now.

GOP Primary results :
Grayson 37%
Paul 26%
Johnson (business man) 2%
Other 18%
Undecided 17%.

Grayson (R) vs. Conway (D) general election :
Grayson 44%
Conway 37%.

Paul (R) vs. Conway (D) general election :
Conway 43%
Paul 38%.

Grayson (R) vs. Mongiardo (D) general election :
Grayson 46%
Mongiardo 40%.

Paul (R) vs. Mongiardo (D) general election :
Mongiardo 43%
Paul 41%.

Thoughts : Grayson leads the GOP primary, and he leads both of the Democrat candidates, considering Mongiardo leads the Democrat primary as of now, the fact Grayson leads him with more support, and even Paul is within the margin of error, this means good news for the Republican party in Kentucky.

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