Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey, Obama.....have you heard the news from Canada?

It was reported when President Obama was having the annual meeting with the Nations of Mexico & Canada, that he defended the Canada health care system, and claimed that would not be coming to America, Yahoo News -

President Barack Obama says Canada's government-run health care system works for Canada, but wouldn't work for the U.S.

He warned Canadians that they will probably continue to get dragged into the debate over health care changes in the U.S. by those who oppose his proposals.

Opponents of Obama's plan to reshape health care have contended it would result in a government-run system where people are denied care, as they say happens in Canada.

Obama said he didn't find Canadians scary but that they were proving a bogeyman for others.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canadians support their own system but the debate should be left to Americans.

The two spoke in response to a question from a Canadian journalist at a North American summit.

1.The health care system in Canada does not work, the only ones who approve of it, are those who never get sick.

2.High taxes, rationed care, lower quality of care, long lines, cancer survival rates are much lower then in the United States, long waits for treatment, and the flocks of Canadian citizens who come to the United States every year for treatment. Just google Canada health care horror stories, over 200,000 hits.

3.You are a liar Obama, as you are pushing an all government run health care system in America, so just shut up.

As for the news from Canada, the doctors of Canada are meeting to discuss their "sick" health care system, where the "system is imploding", "patients are getting less then optimal care", the solution is - "competition should be welcomed, not feared", as reported by the Associated Press through NewsBusters, so obviously both Obama & Prime Minister Harper are liars in regards to health care.

America is moving towards Canada health care, Canada is moving towards America health care, ironic.


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