Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Keystone state revolts.

The citizens of the Keystone state do not like Senator Specter, whether he is dressed as a Republican, or as a Democrat. It all started with his support for the dreadful stimulus plan, and has since expanded to voting almost 100% with the Democrats, in a state that remains somewhat Conservative with a lot of Catholic votes, and such.

The voters have been drifting towards Conservative Pat Toomey, who was once an elected Congressman years back, for the 2010 elections, whether Specter is the nominee on the Democratic side or not. The voters of the Keystone state want Conservative change, and it reflects it on all levels of polling.

Senate election :
(R) Pat Toomey - 48%
(D) Arlen Specter - 36%

(R) Pat Toomey - 43%
(D) Joe Sestek - 35%

Governor approval :
(D) Ed Rendell - only 39% approve of his job performance, it has fallen due to his push for higher taxes, and his anti-second amendment attitude, among other things.

Presidential approval :
(D) Barack Obama - only 51% of those in the Keystone state approve of Obama, slightly higher then the National average, however that is less then the near 55% who voted for Obama in the 2008 Presidential election.

All I know is this, the voters of Pennsylvania no longer want the traitor Senator in office, they are sick of his wasteful spending votes, of his big government votes, which also reflects why fewer voters like Sestek as well, he is a Congressional carbon copy of liberalism. It is time to retire this old bird, and get some real Conservatism as representative of the people in the Keystone state.

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