Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Hampshire Democrats are committing career suicide.

The Conservative leaning website, Hot Air, believes that Republicans will have to step up to the plate, once Democrats are done making fools of themselves over the pending health care debate. I beg to differ, because the Democrats appear to be making a fool of themselves in hyper drive all across the United States, especially in the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has an interesting situation : The popular Attorney General of the state, Republican Kelly Ayotte, is running against a semi-popular Democrat Congressman Paul Hodes from the second congressional district, for the United States Senate seat vacated by Senator Gregg, thus leaving his seat wide open (an interesting election should be upcoming), and the Democrat Congresswoman in the first congressional district is in serious trouble in her own re-election campaign.

I have written on the Congresswoman from the first congressional district, who said that her residents would love to stand in line for health care, given the fact New Hampshire leans libertarian, and they currently do not wait in line for health care, that riled up a few feathers, I believe that is the end of her campaign. Not to mention, her approval/disapproval numbers are dreadful, and the unknown GOP challenger Mayor from Manchester is not trailing by much (he is trailing by 9 points, however he is virtually unknown) when it was announced he would seek GOP nomination.

Tradition is key in New Hampshire, and Town Halls are a way of life, as the Conservative Hot Air website reports, the two leading Newspapers, one liberal & one Conservative, have taken both of the Democrat's to task for not holding any meetings with their citizens, while one was in the Keystone state at some liberal bloggers convention.

I believe they have just committed career suicide, considering their not doing well in polling data, tradition is very important to the Granite state voters, health care is a very important issue, and they are both for the Obama plan. I would look forward to Ayotte winning the Senate race, and the GOP Mayor Guinta winning the congressional race in the 1st congressional district. As for the 2nd congressional district, that is any ones guess.

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WomanHonorThyself said...

keep up the fight for liberty!

Luke said...

Aren't you about 14 years old or something?

Mr. K said...

Aren't you some damn jackass or something?