Friday, August 21, 2009

The official I am sorry I voted for Obama website has been launched.

I think we all should have expected it to happen sooner or later, the official I am sorry I voted for Obama website has been launched. The website has been launched for Obama supporters, and those that know of Obama supporters, who now deeply regret the Presidential choice they made in the 2008 election.

Some of the funny, yet sad statements from former Obama supporters, includes ;

"I want to apologize to the country. America, please forgive me.

I love my country. I wanted US to heal from our wounds and thrive again. I thought Obama could make it. Instead, it has become a nightmare. I’ll always regret dearly to have voted for him.

America, I have involuntarily contributed to your demise. The great country that our Founding Father created and our forefathers built over the span of 2 centuries lays now mortally wounded by the yoke of Communism.

We will have to pack our things again and resettle somewhere else. The American dream will live on … but not in America. "

"Both my daughters along with the husband of one have apologized to my wife and I for voting for Obama. They considered themselves Independents and had voted for Ron Paul in the GOP Primary, but could not stand the old fuddy-duddy McCain...and so went with the appeal of "change and hope" without realizing what Obama was really about."

"I voted for Obama in California. I encouraged all my friends and neighbors to do the same. Why? Well, I have an extended African American family by marriage, and I thought it would be empowering for my wonderful nephews to see a black President. I know…it's not a great method for voting. Also, I was beguiled by the "hope and change" rhetoric. I am a two-time Ross Perot voter, and I really REALLY wanted to find that post-partisan, post-racial American era.

However, six short months later, it is clear that the contents of the Obama presidential box do not match what was on the two-year Obama campaign label.

I have been betrayed. And I won't vote for him again."

"One of my son's teachers voted for Obama, and had been vocal in his support of Obama prior to the election. When my son saw him at the start of the new school year, the teacher admitted to having made "a big mistake in judgement" and regrets his previous thinking. He's even considering formally changing parties. "

- If you feel regrets, or if you know someone who is feeling regrets, please do the website has a goal of 4,000,000 former Obama voters expressing their remorse, either through statement, or silent petition.

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