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The opinion of a wary Conservative. An Interview With Doug Powers

I hope everyone enjoys the following email interview I conducted with fellow Conservative blogger, and columnist Doug Powers, who has written articles on the American Thinker, World Net Daily, Michelle Malkin's blog, and his own webpage - the powers that be.

Tim K - The Obama administration has spent over three point five trillion dollars of the American peoples bank account, do you believe that the American people might be wary of an additional several trillion dollars in spending, via health care & cap & tax?

Doug Powers - Not only are they wary of it, they're actively trying to stop further spending, and you're seeing that evidenced at town hall meetings across the country. More people are catching on every day that "health care" has nothing to do with their health, and "cap/trade" has nothing to do with the environment, and the only "green" that a "green economy" revolves around is the green that's in your wallet. These are efforts to capture huge sects of private industry and make them government-run. The first and foremost instinct of the government is self-perpetuation, and that's what we're seeing in overdrive right now. Hopefully it can be stopped, because the government is trying to save us to death.

Tim K - How would you grade the Obama administration through 200 days in office?

Doug Powers - This is a tough one... it reminds me of the guy who got shot, and somebody said "how are you doing?" And the guy said, "I don't know, I've never been shot before." I've never seen anything like the Obama administration -- their visions of grand takeovers under the guise of "health" are unprecedented. The Clintons tried something similar but were their own worst enemies because they tried to keep most of it a secret. That was the downfall of Hillarycare. Obama's right out in the open with his ambitions, but he's still trying to hide what's really in the health bill(s), so if he fails, it'll be because people found out that their salesman wasn't telling them everything, and I think that's happening. If I had to grade the Obama administration's first 200 days on what I like about it, I'd give it a D minus. If I graded it only on what Obama wants to do verses what he's succeeded in doing, I'd give him a C plus.

TK - The Republican party has made a horrific choice in their nominee for the 23rd congressional district, special election, which will be held after Congressman McHugh is confirmed as Army Secretary, has the Republican party learned anything about being Conservative?

DP - Republican politicians in general continues to make the horrific mistake of trying to compete with, or find common ground with Democrats instead of opposing them. The nomination of John McCain is proof of that. 2008 was an extremely winnable election, and the GOP blew it. Until the Republicans put a team on the field worth rooting for, Democrats will continue to dominate Congress and the White House The GOPs current strategy of hoping the Dems' policies are huge failures and thus will turn more voters away from them is bad planning. The GOP tends to be like a football team whose strategy for winning depends on the other team fumbling. Plus, a lot of Republicans I see are really bad at conveying why conservatism is inherently the best direction for the country to go -- both economically and socially. I cringed back when Bush said he was a "compassionate conservative," which did nothing but imply that there's a common breed of "uncompassionate conservative" out there. Bad salesmanship, worse politics.

TK - You are an Conservative columnist who has written articles on numerous Conservative websites, do you believe the Internet media is more accurate then the Main Stream Media?

DP - I wouldn't say that the Internet media is more accurate, but the bias is certainly more equally balanced so there's at least a chance for the Internet surfer to run across an inaccuracy that that isn't tilted in the left's favor. In that sense, Internet news is more "fair" than the traditional media, and what Democrat can argue with "fairness"? In either case, you need to do your own homework to sort out truth from fiction. I'm a fan of Internet news and even of many muckraking bloggers simply because you find stories that you would never hear about in the dinosaur media. But as far as accuracy goes, due diligence is the responsibility of the reader.

TK - Your advice for Conservative grassroots for the 2010 elections, fighting health care, etc.

DP - From a grassroots perspective I think conservatives are doing a good job these days. I see signs every day that we're learning how to get things done in a more effective way. I'm always one to look at an opponent and notice what they do that makes them successful, and what the left does a lot better than the right is organize at the grassroots level. I'm encouraged this year, because we're seeing a lot more conservative grassroots action. Conservatives, and even moderates, are realizing that showing up to a voting booth every couple of years and forgetting about things the rest of the time because we're busy with our kids' soccer practice and dental appointments isn't cutting it. We're losing freedoms and money by the day, and people are waking up. Democrats spend their days trying to figure out which right-wing group or groups are organizing all the tea parties and town hall protests and whatnot, but if they really want to know who's responsible for organizing these things, Democrats need do nothing more than look in a mirror.


-- This is the fifteenth interview in our series.

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