Thursday, August 13, 2009


You can make a difference, all you have to do, is act on what you believe, act on your principles, act for your Nation.

That describes the success story of citizens in the 21st congressional district in New York state (Congressman Paul Tonko, a far left liberal), as many in the district we're after a common goal - getting the Congressman to hold a Town Hall, so the voters who elected him, and pay his salary....get to deliver their opinions in the health care debate ongoing in the House of Representatives. I am personally involved in this, as I created a petition (which only attracted about 2 dozen signatures) asking Tonko to hold a Town Hall, and a local talk show host also was very interested in Tonko holding a Town Hall.

The talk show host this morning, Al Roney, one talk show host none can describe in one ideology, except the fact, he hates big government to the bone, asked his listeners to call the Congressman's office (anyone of the three he has, why he needs three offices to cover a 50 mile radius, I have no idea), and ask about having a Town Hall meeting. At 10AM in the morning, no face to face Town Hall had been scheduled, by Noon, a Town Hall had been scheduled for August 25th, 5:30PM, at a location unknown as of now.

I helped in the effort, by calling the office of Tonko, and asking if a Town Hall was scheduled, when I learned that a Town Hall was in the works for a few weeks ahead, I also made the point that I wanted to talk face to face with my Congressman, not do one of those idiotic "tele-town halls", which to me.....shows absolute fear in the people you represent.

This should serve as a lesson, dozens, perhaps hundreds of voters/citizens in the 21st congressional district in New York state started to call the offices of a Congressman, and quickly it was announced a meeting was to be held. Americans can make a difference, you just need to stand up, and tell your elected officials "Hey, You work for Me, and I want to discuss the issues with You, or else I will do everything in My power to FIRE YOU".

If I can attend this meeting, I will be, will you be demanding of your officials to hold meetings? Will you be attending these meetings? Will you be the difference between an ignorant congressional district, or an congressional district that demands the highest of their elected officials? Perform your civic duty America.

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