Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zach's Utterly Insane String of Thought

This is string of thought.

You know what I don't like? Cougars; I don't mean the woman, I mean they are kinda hot but way too old. I mean the cats, they just look retarded, I mean with that stupid side hair on their face, and their silly ears, or maybe I'm thinking of bobcats, whatever. What ever I'm thinking of is not as awesome as sexy pillow fights

But if you think about it, what exactly is the point of sexy pillow fights? Do they ever REALLY happen. I mean in real life. Do sexy girls hit each-other with pillows in a mass orgy of feathers, linen, and giggling, that answer to that question my dear sir, is no, NO that never happens, and any one that says otherwise is playing with your mind you poor deluded little person.

You know what never actually happens also?
Why are animals not more awesome?

I really can't stand people that make everything dirty. I was at work and this guy bought a bottle of Oringina.

I swear to the gods that this guy probably said Orang-ina about 200 times that day. I mean what is that?!?!?! Really? REALLY?!?!?! So orange flavored [women's private parts] are funny now? When did this happen? Is this like the sexy back thing?

Don't get me started on science!!!! I'm going to say this one, SCIENCE IS NOT SCARY!!!
Stop being afraid of science, stop it, you're confusing the children!!!

People will tell you that law is responsible for mans high standers of living, or religion, or some sad old lady that has not been properly toyed with since the boar war will say "nay. for it is true love that makes the word go wrong."
These people should not breed.

Law, religion, and love be damned, it is since that makes us who and what we are!!!
If it was not for science we would be out standing in a field, naked, being eaten by anything with sharp teeth over 100 pounds, sitting there laughing at our own farts till Cuthulu rises again and eats out blood souls.

End rant.


Anonymous said...

You are thinking right.
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Anonymous said...

i know what im thinking. this sucks

Sirchadthepro said...

Still a grammatical error at the end where it should say 100 pounds not 100 ponds haha.

Michael Avitabile said...

Thanks, got it. By the way, read the tags on the article.