Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The two choices of Obamacare.

Tuesday August 11th, 2009.

While the American Medical Association might be jumping up and down in regards to Obama's health care plan, the American people, and a good number of America's doctors, including some in Congress, realize what Obamacare really means for Americans.

The two choices of Obamacare

Americans would basically have two choices before them when it comes to the plan currently in the House of Representatives, face a death panel of those deciding your fate, or face a death ray of taxes which will be levied upon you. Some might call the "death panel" part a complete lie, is it? Have you heard the horror stories from Canada & Great Britain? Have you heard of the horror story of an old woman from Oregon's government run health care system?

You have not? Well, then please visit the always liberal ABC news article on the situation in Oregon, where a Cancer survivor who was in remission, has a relapse of her Lung cancer, well the doctor said "take the cancer drugs, $4,000 dollars", keep in mind, these drugs can give her another 4-6 months of life. The government said, we will not insure that, instead here is a fifty dollar "death drug".

Telling Barbara Wagner to just die, and it sends a message to the American public - coming to a health care provider near you, because soon only government health care will be available in America, or else you will be taxed.

Governor Palin was right, especially when numerous pieces of the legislation has pro-death language in the bill, not to mention it will expand the barbaric practice of murdering un-born children, the legislation will also have a cost no-one is discussing, the loss of Freedom, the destruction of a Capitalist Nation, more un-Constitutional measures.

America, we currently have over 1,50o private health insurance providers, you currently have the choice to not have health insurance, and anyone who needs treatment, will get that treatment.

Why would we throw away all of that, including our freedom, for the two choices of Obamacare - which are face the death panels, or face a death ray of taxes.

ABC news article - http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Story?id=5517492&page=1

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