Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why Americans hate the main stream media.

  1. The Main Stream Media is a campaign puppet for the Democrat party, or for very, very liberal Republicans such as General Powell. They do not hide their contempt for Conservatives, and even a website is dedicated to the bias of the liberal media, which controls well over 50% of the news in the United States of America.
  2. The Main Stream Media does not present the facts, or a "we report, you decide" approach to the news, such as Fox News or Conservative talk radio does, not to mention the news of the media is from a liberalism point of view, which is openly hostile towards Conservatism, the largest Ideology base in America.
  3. The Main Stream Media has mis-represented the Town Hall meetings, the tea party protests, and anything else which Conservative support, while they openly embrace 12 anti-war yahoos at George Bush's Crawford Texas ranch. I have heard them call Americans "racist, astroturf, bigots, teabaggers, etc.", while ignoring the facts & truth.

I think we can add Dan Rather into the list of reasons, as he is pleading for the White House to take action when it comes to the News media, when it is against the first amendment for the government to be involved in any such way, that is probably why they support the smothering of Conservative talk radio, because then their media will be the only media left.

He claims the media business is in trouble, it is, the American people don't trust them anymore, don't read some propaganda piece - misnamed as "news".

So, you want to save the news business? Report the news, become the devout enemy of he government, such as what Thomas Jefferson wanted it to be. All Representatives should hate the media, the media should always be suspicious of the Representatives & legislation which is presented, such as it was. We need the truth, and being the peoples watchdog to be the role of the media, not to be a puppet for the Democrat party.

The beauty of the media, they have the freedom of the press, so they can do what ever the hell they want, and the beauty of being an American, I do not have to buy their trash.

Freedom, a beautiful thing.

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Gail said...

Now, if we can manage to retain that freedom...

Best regards,
Gail S

Anonymous said...

Dan Rather's a twat, rhymes w/ cat.