Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Casino Denies Man Jackpot

Talk about being very lucky and then very unlucky.

From lalate.com:

Bill Seebeck is the man who a casino denied a jackpot. Bill Seebeck’s jackpot was denied by the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

You see, Bill went to play on $4 slot machine in the Tampa casino. The slot’s maximum jackpot was either $2500 or $90,000. But to Bill’s surprise, the machine read he won $166,666,666.65! That’s one devil of a win.

Bill never saw all that money. Gus Garcia Roberts reports for the Miami New Times that initially Bill didn’t get even a penny. ABC reported “Seebeck says he is looking for a lawyer to help him comprehend the convoluted federal Indian gaming regulations to possibly pursue legal action”.

But by Tuesday, Roberts reports the Casino and Seebeck have settled and they look forward to his future visits.

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