Monday, November 16, 2009

Charles Johnson and David Frum wrong on elections.

Author's note - Yes. I know the elections we're two weeks ago, however, I stumbled upon this article written by David Frum which was picked up by Charles Johnson at the devalued Little Green Footballs website.

David Frum looks at the GOP’s impending defeats in New York and New Jersey, and the angry conservatives who are going to cut off their noses to spite their faces: Prelude to Republican fratricide. - Charles Johnson, the devalued blogger of the devalued blog, Little Green Footballs.

Mr.Johnson, I wonder if you have the same opinion now as you did on October 23rd? Considering Doug Hoffman's campaign is coming down to absentee ballots, Scozzafava was the spoiler in the congressional election, Republicans have made gains all across the state of New York, and Chris Christie won the governorship in New Jersey with relative ease.

We might be cutting our noses off, however, it appears the voters in the liberal states of New York and New Jersey prefer a faceless Conservative, compared to a brown nosed liberal.

What lessons will Republicans draw? You might think that the impending defeats in New York and New Jersey would drive home the need to broaden the Republican coalition. A candidate like Hoffman would have been the better candidate for New York’s 23rd CD; a candidate like Daggett the better candidate for suburban New Jersey. Republicans have to find ways to accommodate both types of candidates and both kinds of constituencies.

But the risk is that the party will draw a very different conclusion. From the New York experience, Republicans will be tempted to draw the lesson: Always nominate the more conservative candidate. From New Jersey: We need to drive pro-environmental fiscal moderates out of our party and into the Democratic Party where they belong!

And if the Republicans pick up an Arkansas Senate seat and a dozen blue-dog Democratic House seats in 2010, you can see this “tea party” mentality taking strong hold of the GOP in the run-up to 2012.

But a political formula that encourages Republicans to write off the suburbs, the Northeast, and California is not a formula for a national majority. It’s a formula for a more coherent, better mobilized, but perpetually minority party.

- David Frum.

Impending defeats? Wrong.

More Conservative candidate? In regards to the 23rd congressional special election, Scozzafava is not even a Republican, hardly a Moderate.

A dozen congressional seats? Most experts are predicting 24-40 seats the Republican party will take back during the 2010 congressional elections, along with several Senate seats (Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, Arkansas, hello.....).

Write off the suburbs, the Northeast, and California? Republicans across the state in New York picked up seats, even in the liberal Westchester County! The Northeast has three Republican Governors, and early polling data suggests Republicans could win Maine next year. California voted down five tax increases earlier this year, and Senator Boxer's reelection campaign is in trouble.

Charles Johnson & David Frum = Idiots.

Also, the American people as a whole agree with the Tea Party movement

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans have a favorable view of the “tea parties” held nationwide last week, including 32% who say their view of the events is Very favorable.

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