Monday, November 16, 2009

Jumping in Pools is an "all American blog".

According to Site meter, the Jumping in Pools blog is an "all American blog", while The other McCain is..........

Jumping in Pools visitor log - calculated by visitors from individual Nations

70% - America.
9% - United Kingdom.
8% - Unknown origin.
4% - Canada.
2% - France.
2% - Germany.
1% - Poland.
1% - Netherlands.
1% - Italy.
1% - Brazil.
1% - Australia.

The other McCain visitor log - concluded by visitors from individual Nations.

60% - America.
13% - Unknown origin.
6% - Sweden.
6% - Canada.
3% - Norway.
3% - United Kingdom.
1% - Turkey.
1% - Puerto Rico.
1% - Netherlands.
1% - Mexico.
1% - Ireland.
1% - Finland.
1% - Estonia.
1% - Columbia.
1% - Switzerland.


Jumping in Pools can be declared a "all American blog", R.S. McCain's blog can be declared as "revered by Swedes and Canucks".

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varsity lakes said...

Quite simply because contrary to popular spin, rational conservatives make up the VAST majority of the population. Most of the media from cable to newspapers and magazines have sold out all journalistic integrity to the liberal nut-bag philosophy....and mainstream america isnt interested in that garbage.

varsity lakes said...

I knew as soon as i herd there was a shooting at fort hood that it was by a muslim in the military. i'm afraid that this may become common as time goes on. its all barack husseins obama fault he could do something about the wars but he does not.

Surfers paradise said...

I'm not really sure what you are asking here, but the blog Stylebubble features an asian girl with quirky-cool style.