Saturday, November 7, 2009

Congressman Cao is a Back-Stabbing SOB!

Congressman Cao, the man who Conservatives adored because he defeated William "cold cash" Jefferson in Louisiana, and once stood one principle against the health care legislation being pushed in Congress, flipped to the damn Democrats side tonight, voting for the "health care reform" measure which will destroy the greatest health care system in the whole damn world!

Congressman Cao, that son of a bitch, needs to be defeated in 2010! Screw the damn congressional seat, screw him! He has just voted to hand our freedoms to the government, he belongs back in Vietnam where he came from! I guess he has more of his communist roots then he previously thought.

Tonight is a sad night for America...

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Anonymous said...

Didn't he also vote for the stimulus bill?

Principlex said...

John Lewis is no Blue Dog, but he nevertheless deserved this tribute.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Congressman Cao voted NO on "cap-and-trade" and the "stimulus" bill". He voted yes on "healthcare" b/c it's the wish of his district which is 75% Democrats and blacks. But the more i thought about it, he voted yes to survive politically. Would you rather have him or a Democrat statist?