Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kentucky 9/12 candidates are in support of Rand Paul? Say what!

Author's note : I have numerous times in the past criticized the 9/12 project for their lack of dedication towards National defense, and their ignorance as to what Americans united against on September 12th, 2001.

According to the Kentucky version of 9/12 candidates, built to tout candidates who believe in the 9 principles and the 12 values of the 9/12 project which was spearheaded by Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck several months ago, Rand Paul, candidate for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate election in Kentucky next year, is their kind of candidate.

Dr. Rand Paul of Bowling Green, Kentucky is the right man for the job. He is the Republican Party’s best pick. He will make a powerful and effective advocate for the people of Kentucky. And he will be a principled and courageous statesman at a time when America needs one most.

Either those involved in the 9/12 candidates offspring of the 9/12 project are oblivious to reality, or they do not understand the true nature of why Americans united on September 12th, and why electing candidates with the "9/10" mentality is dangerous.

Rand Paul is against the War in Iraq. Rand Paul is against the Patriot act, wireless warrants, and against the interrogation techniques which have saved countless American lives over the past several years. Rand Paul is ignorant in regards to Iran, and like his father does not hold a pro-Israeli viewpoint, I wonder if he also believes the United States should leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well, an act which would leave our European allies defenseless.......then again does Ron or Rand Paul believe in having alliances with other Nations?

Rand Paul also opposes "constitutional amendments" to ban homosexual marriage, he believes the war on drugs needs to end, and has been quoted as being anti-coal during a speech during his father's presidential campaign last year.

In review, Rand Paul is against the War in Iraq, the National defense policies which have saved countless American lives over the past eight years, for some unknown reason has admiration or understanding for/with Congressman Kucinich, a radical leftist who supported removing President Bush from the White House for "war crimes", and Rand Paul is liberal on all social issues.......

On September 12th, 2001.....Americans united to defeat terrorists across the world who have or want to harm the United States of America, Rand Paul does not share these feelings which most Americans still feel. He will harm our National defense like John Kerry and Barack Obama have wanted to do in years, and he will give them his vote with glee.

Shame on the 9/12 project. For supporting a man who does not share one emotion Americans have and still do in present day America.

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Wedding Accessories said...

That being the case people are expressing support for the candidate. Can you imagine the damage if they didn't the deems would be all over it.