Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood Attack Shows a Post-9/11 Security System and Pre-9/11 Mentality Leaves Us Vulnerable

The terrorist attacks in Fort Hood last week were a horrific reminder that the nation is not safe and that the heroism of American soldiers was tested on American soil. Unfortunately, it shows that the government is becoming increasingly unable to catch potential terrorist attacks.

Hasan was a lone gunman, making the shooting far less likely to catch before it actually occurred. However, the FBI had significant evidence of Hasan's radical views and the fact that he contacted al Qaeda associates. He was in contact with the Imam of the 9/11 hijackers! What!? We knew about this and we didn't even question the guy? We didn't alert security on the base? We have a Major-- with intelligence clearances and access to automatic weapons. He could have been a mole for al Qaeda, a planner, or-- a shooter.

One of the problems that allowed 9/11 to happen was not repeated. We found out ahead of time-- we got the intelligence we needed. However, what was not there was the mentality to stop it.

The policies of the Obama Administration telling intelligence agencies to be careful about what they do regarding terrorism could have prevented the FBI from tackling the issue. Perhaps concerns about being called "anti-Muslim" prevented an FBI agent from busting the guy. Perhaps they were concerned about being called overzealous.

Part of this stems out of the prosecution of the CIA agents who interrogated al Qaeda terrorists after the September 11th attacks. Obama made it clear that he would have two policies. One: he would allow many of the Bush security surveillance programs to continue, breaking his campaign promises. In order to please his rabid left-wing base, he decided to prosecute the CIA and make it so intelligence gathered would not be acted upon.

This policy is idiotic and fatal. We must remember that the security of our country trumps politics. If only the White House knew that.
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