Sunday, November 8, 2009

Katt Williams Arrested for Burglary

From Digital Spy:

Comedian Katt Williams has been taken into custody on charges of burglary and trespassing.

The 36-year-old is being held in an Atlanta jail after he was arrested on Sunday night on suspicion of breaking into a home, The AP reports.

The break-in occurred at a property in Newnan, 38 miles south-west of Atlanta, where the homeowner called the police to say that Williams "gained entry by breaking into the home, and items were taken from the residence", said Maj James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff's Department.

Williams's lawyer told CNN that the comic actor was a guest - not a burglar - at the Atlanta home. The house is owned by record producer Barry Hankerson, according to the police report.

About $3,500 (£2,084) in jewellery and collectable coins was reportedly stolen.

"Mr Williams wears more than that in jewellery on his person," attorney William Briggs stated.

A magistrate set bail at $40,000 (£23,872) in a hearing on Monday afternoon.

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