Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jumping in Pools Needs Your Help!

Nominations are being held for the 2009 Web Blog Awards and Jumping in Pools needs your help!

We need votes to advance to the finals, and we need those votes from you. Here's how to help:

1. Go to Best Large Blog and Best Conservative Blog

2. Find Jumping in Pools nominated in the comments (second comments in the first link, seventh comment in the second link)

3. Find the green circle with the white plus sign in the middle.

4. Click it!

That's all you need to do and your vote will be added. Thanks for the support everybody! Every vote is appreciated.

P.S.- Feel free to vote for as well. They're awesome.

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William Teach said...


Michael Avitabile said...


jdcroft2001 said...

You have my vote in both categories. I've been following since the Rush Limbaugh fiasco and enjoy reading your blog a great bit. Are you really blogging out of Schoharie county New York? As a fellow upstate New Yorker, congrats and good luck!

Michael Avitabile said...

Yes, our main three blog writers all live in Schoharie County. Thanks for dropping by jdcroft2001, and thanks for the votes!