Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lou Dobbs will join Fox News within 48 hours.

Lou Dobbs, Independent Populist and staunch opponent of illegal immigration, announced earlier this evening that he will be leaving CNN immediately, for undisclosed reasons. Lou Dobbs has become a harsh critic of Obama over the past several months, shots we're fired at his house recently, and I have a feeling Mr.Dobbs is searching for a place to call home, one that accepts all right of center personalities.

Glenn Beck left the Headline News Network last October to join forces with like minded Conservatives at Fox News, John Stossel left ABC to join Fox News in September of this year, and now Lou Dobbs has announced that he is leaving CNN, is it just me, or do we see the beginning of a Main Stream Media exodus to Fox News?

While this is my personal opinion, I believe Lou Dobbs will be joining Fox News within the next 48 hours. Think about it. Lou Dobbs for the most part is right leaning, he would add even more clout to the Fox News Network, and who better to host the 7PM time slot then Lou Dobbs, especially when they now have Shepard Smith, a complete buffoon who makes Mr.Dobbs look like a radical Conservative in comparison.

Lou Dobbs to Fox News is a perfect fit, however, it is just my opinion. We shall see.

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Surfers paradise said...

I think she has made a huge mistake in backing illegal immigration. I would never vote for anyone with that sort of mentality.

Luke said...

Can't wait till Georgia does the world a great favor and finally rids us all of the Serbian disease.

unique gift ideas said...

Why is Fox News giving such light coverage to one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent memory?