Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once again, America had two choices.

On November 4th 2008, citizens of the United States of America had two choices in regards to the Presidential election, Senator John McCain (R - Arizona) or then Senator Barack Obama (D - Illinois).

One candidate was a war hero, understands the terrorist threat, respects the right to life, believes in the second amendment, would appoint Conservative Justices to the Supreme Court, and would be a good Conservative Republican President 82% of the time. The other candidate was a community organizer, who is ignorant, has connections with radical communists and other anti-American individuals, respects nothing, hates the Constitution, and would be the most radical President in decades.

America elected the ladder, a man with no experience, who has trashed the United States in regards to our accomplishments, and is in the process of destroying the United States economy, once the pride in joy of Capitalism, now a economic system in turmoil as the people support a Free market Capitalistic system, while the President supports a system of oppression, theft, and slavery via the chains of government.

When presented with the choice, the American people made a grave mistake, a mistake they are regretting as unemployment continues to climb, and the terrorist threat against this Nation is gaining strength, because of incompetence. Even some on our own side voted against John McCain, in support of the radical, Libertarian nutroots such as Bob Barr, or even skipped the election altogether.

With all of the above in mind, please consider the next two quotes.

President Barack Obama, in regards to the Ft.Hood terrorist attack

"We don't know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts,"

Senator John McCain, in regards to the Ft.Hood terrorist attack

The fact is that it was an act of terror when you’re on a military base, and you are a trusted member of the military, a commissioned officer, and you kill your fellow members in the military — motivated obviously by his views of the extremist interpretation of an honorable religion."

Two choices America, just two damn choices.

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Surfers paradise said...

No, Republicans don't like the outcome and they are displaying anything but Grace at the begining i said that we had only good choices and not for the choice of Sarah Palin it would have been a photo finish.

TFMo said...

Ehhhhh, I think you might be a little optimistic about the whole "Being Conservative 82% of the time" thing. McCain's made a career of spitting on the Conservative core, even before he lost the nomination bid back in 2000. Let's not forget who coauthored Amnesty and CFR, and he voted with Obama for passing the disastrous TARP bill in 2008.

Surfer, you've got it bass-akwards. McCain NEVER would have gotten as many Conservative votes if not for Palin. Many whom I've spoke with and read of on the blogs had planned to stay home on election day until Palin was announced, and she continued to draw in more as time progressed. That seven percent margin McCain lost by would have been much higher without her.

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It was the country's good
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