Saturday, November 14, 2009

President Palin or Senator Palin?

President Palin or Senator Palin?

The race for the Republican nomination in the 2012 Presidential election will begin in just fourteen months if history is any guide at all, as aspiring candidates will launch exploratory committees or even official campaigns right out of the gate. With former Alaska Governor and Conservative heavyweight Sarah Palin releasing her book, Going Rogue, on Tuesday. Among the questions floating in the air, is if Palin will be involved in the 2012 Presidential election as a candidate for the Republican nomination, or as a leading supporter for the eventual Republican nominee.

If Sarah Palin we're to run for the Republican nomination, she would have instant grassroots support in regards to feet on the ground and money in the campaign fund. With such websites as and, which already serve as pro-Palin advocacy hotspots, it would not be difficult to raise an army of supporters overnight, because an army of supporters is already there waiting for orders.

Though most discussions involving Sarah Palin include the 2012 Presidential election (annoyingly I must add, considering the election is three years away, and I would prefer to focus on the 2010 congressional elections), I would like to look in a different direction, a direction which would help America, Alaskans, the Republican party, and Sarah Palin all at the same time.

Earlier in the year, there was much speculation as to if then Governor Palin would challenge Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate election next year, however, the speculation died quickly after Palin announced her support for Murkowski's re-election bid, and has since contributed money to her campaign.

This left room for more speculation and conversations in regards to the 2012 Presidential election, however, some have forgotten about the 2014 United States Senate election in the great state of Alaska, which will feature Senator Begich (D) running for re-election against whomever the Republican nominee is.

Though five years away, this election will be on the minds of Republican strategists, as Begich has already accumulated a pro-Obama liberal voting record, in a state which John McCain carried easily last year. Not to mention, if the false accusations involving Senator Stevens we're not in play last election, the seat would still be in Republican control, and the balance of the Senate would be different.

If a strong Republican challenger can emerge for the 2014 election, the seat has a high chance of flipping back into Republican control, and who better to lead the charge against Begich then the popular ex-Governor Sarah Palin? No-one, as far as I can tell, considering Governor Parnell has his sights on running for the House of Representatives one day.

Though the 2014 election cycle is years away, a Sarah Palin run for the Senate seat would help America far more then a hit or miss bid for the 2012 Republican nomination. As it would likely return a Democratic steal back into Republican control, give Alaskans a true representative, increase the number of elected Republicans in the Senate, promote Palin from a worthy political commentator to a directly involved representative of the Conservative movement, and it would prime her for a future Presidential bid.

Consider this the question of the day, would you prefer a 2012 Presidential bid or a 2012 bid for the United States Senate by Sarah Palin?

Although, I prefer Sarah Palin running for the United States Senate in 2014, I suspect she will have the support of the entire Conservative blogosphere regardless of her decision.

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William Teach said...

She would make a tremendous president, but, it might be better if she goes for the Senate. She could do a lot of good for a lot longer, that way.

We might get stuck with President Romney, but, even though he is a social conservative (read JFK type liberal), he would be better then the Obamanation.

unique gift ideas said...

Will President Palin Appoint pro life anti abortion supreme court judges thus reversing a woman's right ?