Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yikes: Body sold to Russia kebab shop

You think your life is bad?

Police in Russia have arrested three homeless men suspected of killing a man, eating part of the body and selling other parts to a kebab shop.

The men were held in the city of Perm, some 1,400km (870 miles) east of Moscow, local investigators said.

Their statement said that the suspects had targeted the 25-year-old victim out of "personal hostility".

It was not clear when the incident occurred. The men - who have not been named - have been charged with murder.

The investigators said on Friday that the body of the man had been found in a forested area near a public transport stop in Perm.

They said the three men attacked their victim with knives and a hammer.

"After carrying out the attack, the corpse was dismembered. Part of it was eaten and part was also sold to a kebab and pie kiosk," their statement said.

It was not immediately clear if any customers had been served.

Eat up!

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Michael Avitabile said...

Joe: This meat tastes a little funny.

Vender: Does it taste bad?

Joe: No, just different. Joe likes!

Vender: You know that's human flesh, right?

Joe: Wha? Oh GOD, oh GOD, oh GOD, oh GO--you know, it kind of tastes like chicken.

Vender: Do you like chicken?

Joe: No, they're always staring at me! How dare you sell me something that tastes like chicken!

Joe C. said...

I'll sue!

Harrison said...

"If you don't eat your meat you won't get your pudding!"

Wonder what the pudding is made of?

Michael Avitabile said...