Monday, November 16, 2009

Remember one thing - polls are polls.

In regards to polling data for the 2012 Presidential election and the Republican nomination that year, please remember the Drudge Report poll Mr.Drudge placed on his website in late August of last year, in which 165,000 right of center Americans took apart of.

Who will be John McCain's Vice President?

Mitt Romney - 80,167 - 48%
Dark Horse - 27,412 - 17%
Senator Hutchison - 27,221 - 16%
Tim Pawlently - 13,657 - 8%
Joe Lieberman - 7,848 - 5%
Mike Huckabee - 5,408 - 3%
Rudy Giuliani - 3,724 - 2%

Sarah Palin was not even in the poll, and a "dark horse" candidate received just 17% of the vote. So, when reading polls in regards to the Republican nomination and the 2012 Presidential election, please remember the Drudge Report poll, for all we know...a candidate could come out of nowhere, and win the hearts and soul of Conservative Nation.

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varsity lakes said...

However, I know Obama is taking a hit on his approval to bring good to what most americans can not comprehend or understand fully - particularly the right. When it works, his numbers will be historically high again.

Surfers paradise said...

The Obama rama lama ding dongs do not actually read. They wait for someone to put it on youtube or on one of the Obama rama lama ding dong networks. they also wait for Paris Hilton and other Hollywood fish bowl people to tell them what to think.