Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Traditional marriage wins in Maine.

California Proposition 8 results

Traditional marriage - 52.24%
Homosexual marriage - 47.76%

Maine vote to overturn legislative approval of homosexual marriage

Overturn homosexual marriage - 52.75%
Keep homosexual marriage - 47.25%

Considering Maine is Maine, it is surprising they will become the 31st state to ban homosexual marriage in the United States of America, and whether or not you support traditional marriage, remember this, marriage should be decided by the public, not by legislative bodies or by the judicial branch.

We won in Virginia. We won in New Jersey. We won in Maine. Good day for Conservatism in America, not to mention we did well in California's 10th congressional district, and NY 23 was a hard fought election....however, I have a feeling Doug Hoffman will be back.

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