Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Congressional round about.

California's 10th congressional district.

John Garamandi (D) - 52.98%
David Harmer (R) - 42.69%
Jeremy Cloward (G) - 1.85%
Mary McIlroy (P&F) - 1.34%
Jerome Denham (AI) - 1.15%

Under current districting, this is the first time any Republican has breached the 40% mark, while you cannot call this election a victory, considering we took this from a Democratic landslide to a somewhat close election in just one year, really shows me that the tea party movement is alive and well.

New York's 23rd congressional district.

Bill Owens (D) - 49.2%
Doug Hoffman (C) - 45.2%
"Dede" Scozzafava - 5.5%

Doug Hoffman brought a campaign from an unknown spoiler who would make no difference in the congressional election, to the leading contender in the election. While Hoffman could wait for the absentee ballot results, 5,000 votes is just too much to overcome. Hoffman has led a brilliant campaign, however, Scozzafava stole 5.5% of the vote away from the real Republican in this race.

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