Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vote in the 2009 Web Blog Awards

Hey gang, I noticed that some awesome websites were included in the 2009 Web Blog Awards. So I must implore all of you to vote in this year's competition:

Some Suggestions:
The Blogmocracy
Notoriously Conservative
The Pirate's Cove
Legal Insurrection

And if you aren't too busy, you can always throw a vote towards Jumping in Pools.

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Surfers paradise said...

Yes, it is a catastophe to see the enemy at work, but most importantly, is putting a mirror in front of our 'own' faces and making sure we...are in right standing with God, and striving for righteousness and holiness. Being about our Father's business.

unique gift ideas said...

i got one of the blog awards that are passed around between other blogger, but i need to know how to accept it because i have no clue on how you are meant to publish it as a post on my blog!