Monday, July 6, 2009

Obama's National security is a threat to Freedom

Most liberals believe that National Security is a threat to Freedom, when in reality - National Security, is the first & last defense for Freedom for the United States, and in most cases - the entire world. The National Security of America is above & beyond almost every other Nation on earth, only Israel rivals the American forces or intelligence.

We have to thank our great Servicemen, Generals, Commanders in Chief (some, not all), the Founding of this Nation, among other things.

We have defeated tyranny, fascism, terrorism, socialism, marxism, communism, radicalism, etc. over the timeline of 233 years as a Nation. We have become the Superpower of the world, not through force, but through our Constitution of Freedom. All we fight for & represent is Freedom.

That is sadly beginning to be destroyed by Emperor Obama.

When given the chance to stand strong for Freedom in Iran, he ignored them.
When given the chance to stand strong for Freedom & Constitution in Honduras, he supported the dictator.
When given the chance to stand strong for American values overseas on numerous trips, he called us arrogant.

Obama has also ignored the grave threat of North Korea & an Iranian nuclear program - which he actually gave his blessing to. He has cut our Defense budget, and is specifically targeting "Missle Defense" & the F-22 fighterjets, I guess an AirForce is no longer needed? He is putting us at risk by wanting to allow terrorists free in America, and has sent them to various Nations with bribes, when we could just keep them at Gitmo........for a cheaper cost, and a lower threat of another attack against America.

Worst of all, Obama has destroyed our alliance with Israel, and has even ignored the British.

Now, Obama is meeting with the Russians, attempting to reach another "nuclear arms" treaty of some sort, which could include the absolute elimination of all American nukes. That would be a travesty, as America should always have nuclear weapons - because we are the force of good, it is the forces of evil that must have no nuclear devices.

When faced with the threat that the Senate would not approve this treaty, it is being reported - they want to go over the head of the Constitution.

Obama's National Security is appeasement, it is weakening our Military, it is weakening our alliances with the forces of good in the world, it is ignoring dangerous threats, and directly standing for is a threat to Americas Freedom.

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1 comment:

Gail said...

Thanks so much for this article. Obama is a threat to America in more ways than I can count. But the threat to security is probably the worst.

Our next most important issue is getting all of the spending legislation repealed. Please check out my Conservative Action Plan / Request for Comment at:

We need to act quickly to protect our nation, our Constitution and our future.

Best regards,
Gail S